Deflux injection used to treat vesico-ureteric reflux and it is a sugar-based medicine (a polysaccharide). (VUR) occurs when the flow of urine comes backwards from the bladder, up the ureters and sometimes it may come to the kidneys. It was injected through the cystoscope at the site of the Vesico-ureteric reflux, where the ureters open into the bladder. Deflux injection restricts urine from flowing back up the ureters from the bladder. If urine flows into the kidneys, it may cause pyelonephritis (infection of the kidney) which can damage them. Deflux injection is sometimes referred to as STING method because it replaced a subureteric teflon injection (STING).


  • Initially patient was performed under general anaesthetic, the cystoscope is lubricated and inserted into the urethra and passed into the bladder.

  • Sterilezed saline is then pumped through the cystoscope to expand the bladder and will allow clear vision of the inside of the bladder.

  • Deflux®injection is then injected and the telescope is removed.

  • After the procedure patient may feel uncomfortable – 1 in 20 patients get pain which may last up to 24hours.