The urethral meatus was the opening of urethra. This can be narrowed for several reasons, and may then need dilatation (stretching) to develop the urine flow. Passing a short plastic tube in the urethra because to stretch the urethra and to prevent the urethra from narrowing. Surgical enlargements of urethral opening, self-dilatation, optical urethrotomy, observation are the surgical procedures for meatal dilatation.


  • This procedure can be performed under local or general anaesthetic.

  • For local anesthesia, a low amount of local anaesthetic jelly is applied, and the opening is safely stretched with plastic or metal dilators.

  • The surgery was the same performed general anesthetic, but this will allow a greater stretch by this there will be no discomfort during the procedure.

  • After the initial dilatation, it is so usual to need rare repeat dilatations, and this will be done with a customizable designed plastic device for the patient.

  • The urethra or opening of the urethra was stretched by using special instruments.

  • It may be essential to insert a catheter into the urethra after the procedure. Normal hospital stay will be 1 day unless a catheter inserted then it will be 2 days.


All treatments are having the probable for side effects. Even though the risks and complications are well recognized, most of the patients don’t have any problems after the procedure. Mild discomfort, rarely with urination. This will pass quickly. Rarely, patients will have a low amount of bleeding afterwards, which will pass very quickly.


Should drink twice as much as water that you drink normally for the next 24-48 hours to flush the system through. You can find that, when you pass urine initially, it burns or stings slightly and it will be lightly bloodstained. If you consume to drink plenty of fluid continuously, this bleeding and discomfort will resolve rapidly.