Meatoplasty is a narrowing of the opening of the urethral at the tip of the penis. It is generally used in the condition where the terminal part of urinary passage narrows down by producing a obstructed, narrow stream. It can happen by variety of reasons. Surgical treatment to enlarge the opening of the urethra to remove narrow causing a reduced urinary stream.


  • Initially either general anaesthesia or spinal anaesthesia will be performed to the patients. All methods will minimise the pain. Before the procedure usually antibiotics were given after checking if any drug allergies are reactions are occuring.

  • The opening of the urethra is generally cut or incised with either the suturing of the edges of cut or incision or insertion of a skin graft by the opening. Absorbable sutures were used and won’t require to remove.

  • Rarely, it was necessary to introduce a catheter inside the urethra (water pipe) after the procedure is done.

  • If a catheter has been inserted, it will take normally 24 hours to remove it. The average hospital stay is maxium 1 day.

Most of the procedures have potential side-effects. Patients need be reassured that, even though all these risks are well-recognized, most of the patients won’t suffer with any problem after a urological procedure. But in some other cases mild burning sensation or bleeding while passing the urine for a short time after the procedure is done.


After going home, patient needs to drink twice amount of fluids as you consume normally for the next 24-48 hours to flush the system through. When urine passes, it burns or stings slightly and it can be lightly bloodstained. If it prolongs consume plenty of fluid, this bleeding and discomfort will resolve rapidly.