• To clean the skin surrounding your stoma, you need only warm water & a washcloth to keep it clean. The use of the gauze or gloves was not generally necessary.

  • For those who prefer to use the soap to clean around the stoma, it was the best to use a very mild soap. keep away from using the soaps & cleansers along with oils, perfumes or deodorants because these will sometimes may cause skin problems or avoid your skin barrier from sticking.

  • If you were using a skin paste, it can be easy to remove the paste before wetting that area. Some people can use adhesive remover.

  • Always dry the skin neatly before putting your new pouching system.

  • Don’t use the alcohol or some other chemicals wchich are hard and harsh to clean the skin or stoma. They will irritate your skin.

  • Don’t use baby wipes or towelettes because they contain lanolin or other oils, and these will interfere with skin barrier adhesive & may irritate your skin.

  • Unless suggested, don’t use or apply powders or creams to the skin surrounding your stoma because they may keep your skin barrier from sticking.

  • Occasionally you will observe a small amount of the blood on your cloth. The stoma tissue may contain small blood vessels & will bleed a small amount of bloods while cleaned. Any bleeding that won’t stop then it was necessary to be reported to your doctor immediately. The stoma won’t have any nerve endings, so you were unable to feel if you were rubbing it too hard. For this reason, by usage of a gentle touch when cleaning surrounding the stoma & do not scrub.

  • The basic rule which applies was not to apply or use many products on the skin. Don’t use adhesive remover if you are having skin that tears very easily. If you will use adhesive remover, constantly wash well with the water & mild soap to take away the oily coating on the skin. Then rinse the skin neatly with the water & dry completely.