A ureteric balloon catheter was a balloon catheter intended for the treatment of strictures of the ureter. In fact it was a double J stent on which a balloon was mounted. It was connected to a delivery device (pusher) which is used to introduce it from the bladder into the ureter. This system consists of non-return valve device & a pusher along with a stylet and 2 ports. The sideport used for the injecting contrast agent because to inflate the balloon, and the straight port used for the guidewire. The catheter was having a relatively large-diameter central lumen & a shaft with 2 mm (6 Fr.) length. The balloon is in 2 sections: a long narrow shaft or section and a larger cranial bulb. The larger cranial bulb will prevents distal migration and the longer narrow section will maintains the increased diameter of the predilated stricture in ureter section.


  • The guide wire has to be positioned in the ureter. After dilatation of the ureteric stricture with a elevated pressure dilatation balloon the guidewire remains in same place to bring the ureteric balloon catheter.

  • The balloon was inflated by a injection of contrast medium through sideport of the pusher and remains in situ and the expanded urothelium heals.

  • The stylet was used to remove the balloon catheter from the pusher. In the healing process the urine drains by a wide central lumen and the balloon remains inflated.

  • The ureteric balloon catheter will be used in the conjunction with a double J stent for extra or even more drainage. To take away the catheter after many weeks the balloon was deflated by a snipping the distal end of the catheter. The catheter will be then safely pulled out.