Understand And Treat Your Child’s Urological Issues

Many children face urology issues. Most of the times, they are considered trivial and ignored. For example, many parents think that conditions like bedwetting are just bad habits and they will cease when the children grow older. It can be true in many cases but not always. So, instead of waiting for the situation to get serious, the child should be taken to a doctor in case of any urology issues. Timely treatment is the key to recovery for any sorts of diseases. Parents ought to know more about various urology conditions in children. Here is a brief study of the most commonly seen urology issues in children.paediatric urologist in chennai

Common Urology issues

Of all the conditions, an infection in the urinary tract which seen more in girls than boys. A condition called UTI is developed in children which are characterized by blood in the urine, unusual odor to the urine, or a change in urinary patterns. Other conditions include :

Antenatal hydronephrosis: It is a fluid-filled enlargement of the kidney. This condition is diagnosed using prenatal ultrasound.

Hernia: A protrusion of tissues or part of the organ through a weakened portion.

Neurogenic bladder: This condition is developed when the normal nerve pathways to the bladder that send signals regarding urination are interrupted.paediatric urology treatments

Nocturnal enuresis: The condition is developed due to bedwetting beyond a certain age. This is caused by a delay in bladder development.

Hypospadias: Hypospadias is a congenital condition which is developed during infancy. This condition is caused when the opening of the urethra is seen under the penis rather than at the tip.

When your child needs pediatric urology treatments, you need to take him/her to the doctor as soon as possible to avoid further complications. Do visit South Indian Institute for Urology and TransplantBest Urology Hospital in Chennai for expert care and treatment with the best pediatric urologist in Chennai.contact usMail us @ urologyhospital123@gmail.com

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