Prostate Diseases

 The prostate is an important organ in the male reproductive system located between the bladder and  penis. Urethra passes through the middle of the prostate carries urine out of the body. Prostate secretes a fluid that nourishes sperm.  While ejaculating prostate releases a fluid into the urethra and it is secreted with sperm as semen.
Major diseases affecting prostate gland are:
Prostatitis :  It is an inflammation of the prostate caused due to infection. It does not raise the risk of prostate cancer. It is estimated that men over  the age of fifty suffer from this condition. The major causes of prostatitis are having an abnormal urinary tract, rectal bladder infection, and presence of an enlarged prostate. Its major symptoms include
  • Strong urge to urinate frequently
  • Having difficulty in urinating
  • Pain or burning sensation while urinating
  • Chills accompanied by fever

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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia : BPH or prostate enlargement is a medical condition in which a person’s prostate gets enlarged abnormally. This is a common occurrence in men over the age of  50 . It is caused due to hormonal imbalance, changes in cell growth and hereditary factors. Its major symptoms are as follows.


  • Severe pain while urinating
  • Urge to urinate frequently
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Inability to control urination
Prostate Cancer : It is the unprecedented growth of cancerous cells in the prostate gland which disrupts its normal functioning. This is common among older men and leads to  death in certain cases. Diet, genetic factors, sedentary lifestyle are the prime reasons that contribute to its growth. In its initial stage symptoms are not visible but with early check ups and adopting preventive measures one can reduce its intensity to a great extent. Its major symptoms are:
  • Traces of blood in urine or semen
  • Feel like urinating more at night
  • Pain in bone
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Pain while  urinating or ejaculating