Penile Cancer Treatment

The penile cancer was a malignant growth which was found in the tissues or on the skin of the penis. There were also benign tumors of the penis which was not a cancer and won’t spread further.  Each type of the tissue in the penis may contain many types of cells. Various types of penile cancers will develop from these cells. The variation is most important because to determine the severity of the cancer and the kind of the treatment needed. Almost all kinds of penile cancers may start in skin cells of the penis. It was most common in the men who live in South America, Asia and Africa. Penile cancer was a rare form of cancer that may attacks mainly in uncircumcised men, means they still have a piece of skin known as the foreskin which was covering the head of the penis. So the removal of this foreskin, may reduce the complications of penile cancer.

  • A growth or sore on the penis that is not healing within 4 weeks
  • Crusty bumps under the foreskin, redness
  • Irritation lumps on penis
  • Skin thickening on the penis
  • Changes in the color of the penis
  • Persistent discharge with a foul odor beneath the foreskin
  • Mysterious pain in the shaft or tip of the penis
  • From the tip of the penis blood will discharge or from under the foreskin
  • Men who will smoke may be more affected persons for this cancer
  • Genital or perianal warts increase the risk of invasive penile cancer
  • Poor hygiene can increase a man’s risk of penile cancer
  • Weakened immune system
  • Penile injury Inflammation of the foreskin and/or the glans penis (balanitis)
  • HIV-positive men having eight-fold increased complications of developing penile cancer than HIV-negative men
  • Men with psoriasis who are been treated with UV light and a drug known as psoralen have more risk of penile cancer

Biopsy can be done to diagnosis for penile cancer, Inguinal (groin) lymph node dissection-this was the most correct way to find out if the cancer has been spread to any other lymph nodes near the penis, CT scan, MRI scan are the other tests to detect the penile cancer.

The different treatments for penile cancer :
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy