Open Donor Nephrectomy

Any individual who was considered as a suitable living kidney donor candidate can undergo a donor nephrectomy. The donor can be either associated to the unrelated like a spouse, friend, or coworker or potential recipient. An altruistic donor was people who wish to donate his kidney to a stranger. Open live donor nephrectomy was a operation which is used to remove a kidney for the transplantation to another person. Living-donor nephrectomy was significantly expanded the pool of the renal transplant donors, which was allowing for a marked increase in the transplantation. Improvements in antirejection medications & refi-nement of donor selection criteria has allowed for the extremely favorable rates of graft survival.


  • An enema will be needed before the operation. This was liquid put inside the patient’s rectum to help empty it.

  • An IV was a small tube placed into the patient’s vein which was used to give liquids or medicines.

  • General anesthesia will make patient’s to sleep & free from pain while performing the surgery. Patient will get anesthesia through IV. And may breathe it in by a mask or a tube which was placed down the throat. The tube will cause to have a sore throat when patient was wake up.

  • Doctor will make an cut or incision on one side. A small piece of lowest rib will be cut to help caregiver see & reach patients kidney.

  • Caregiver will clamp, tie or cut the blood vessels & the tissues. Then he will remove the patients kidney. The cut or incisions will be then closed with the stitches & covered with a bandage.