Male sexual dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction was one of the major common health problems which is affecting men and it is more common with increasing the age. Male sexual dysfunction may be caused by psychological or physical problems.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

The kind of sexual dysfunction men may experience symptoms like:

Erectile dysfunction: ED will be caused by health conditions, like high blood pressure or diabetes or by anxiety for having sex. Stress, Depression and fatigue may also responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Ejaculation problems: This includes premature ejaculation (this ejaculation may occur too early when the time of intercourse) and the incapability to ejaculate at all. Causes may include such as medication like some history trauma, antidepressants, anxiety about sex and strict religious beliefs.

Low libido: Psychological issues such as depression and stress, as well as anxiety for having sex may also leads to decreased or no sexual desire. Reduced levels of hormones (especially if testosterone is low), physical illness and medication side effects will also diminish libido in men.

  • Low levels of male hormone i.e. testosterone (this condition called as hypogonadism) can cause low libido or ED.

  • Some drugs, like blood pressure medications and antidepressants, may also cause sexual dysfunction.

  • Erectile function may be impaired with a stroke or by nerve damage from surgery or diabetes.

  • Disorders which are affecting blood vessels, like atherosclerosis (which will hardens the arteries) and high blood pressure, are risk factors associated with ED.

  • Other possible may cause sexual dysfunction includes anxiety disorders, smoking, obesity, kidney problems, alcoholism and depression.

  • A general physical examination that may includes such as examination of the testicles and penis will be done, and other tests will be done to assess your health condition.

  • Blood tests will be performed to resolve if there was any hormonal problem that are contributing to sexual dysfunction.

  • Hormonal treatment, like testosterone replacement therapy, which help that which hormone imbalances that are causative for sexual dysfunction.