Urological Diseases

Urological Diseases Treatment

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  • Urinary Stones or Urolithiasis : Urinary Stones or Urolithiasis is the formation of calculi (or) stones anywhere in the urinary system (or) tract . Read More
  • Kidney Stones : Kidney stones are solid masses (or) pebbles made by crystals of salt and minerals formed within the kidney or urinary tract. Read More
  • Ureteric Calculi (or) stones : Ureteric calculi (or) stones that obstruct a patient’s ureter originates in his kidney. They are usually painless while they remain in the kidney. Read More
  • Bladder Stones : Bladder stones are small and hard masses of minerals deposits such as calcium (or) magnesium that can form in the bladder. Read More
  • Urethral Stenosis : Urethral stenosis is a health condition which was characterized by the blockages in the urethra, the tube which drains urine from the bladder to outside of the body.Read More
  • Penile Cancer : Penile Cancer  was a malignant growth which was found in the tissues or on the skin of the penis. There were also benign tumors of the penis which was not a cancer. Read more