Female Urology Diseases

Stress Urinary Incontinence : Female urinary stress incontinence was the involuntary release of urine while performing any physical activity that that will keeps pressure on your bladder. This potentially embarrassing condition will be vary from the general incontinence in that it will happens when a body was under immediate physical stress. Read more

Urinary Incontinence : A failure of bladder control it is a common and often embarrassing problem in the urinary incontinence. The severity ranges from rarely leaking of the urine when you sneeze or cough to having an urge urination that will be so sudden and strong. Read more

Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection : Urinary tract infection was one of the major common bacterial infections affect the women, & 50% to 60% of adult women may experience a UTI during their entire lifetime. Read more

Pelvic Prolapse : Women most commonly build up pelvic organ prolapse years after the childbirth, after the hysterectomy or after the menopause. This bulge will become worsen over time. Read more

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