Remove Kidney Stone with the Best Treatments at SIIUT

A kidney stone is a solid material that is usually found in the urinary tract. At the time of urination, these stones come out with urine. Sometimes these stones are large enough to block the passage of urine and cause pain. In order to relieve the pain, medication is necessary. It is better to start the treatment at the initial stage rather than becoming chronic.

Causes of Kidney Stone

  • Combination of some minerals and salts increases the chances of stones.
  • Some drug usage (chemotherapy drugs, diuretics, salicylates).
  • Lead poisoning
  • Treatment of blood cancer
  • Anemia
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Certain lifestyle factors are also responsible for kidney stones. They are specific foods with high animal protein and low fiber. Those who experience stress have chances of stone.

Types of kidney stones

Calcium Stones– These stones are formed of calcium, especially combined with oxalate or oxalic acid.
Uric Acid Stones– Nitrogen compounds in the food is responsible for uric acid stones.
Struvite Stones: These stones are formed of magnesium ammonium sulphate.
Cystine Stones: Amino Acid cystines, the building block of proteins are responsible for cystine stones.
Xanthine Stones: These stones are composed of xanthine a nitrogen compound.
Eating fiber-rich food, low salt, and low protein diets may decrease the chances of kidney stones.

South Indian Unit for Urology & Transplant (SIIUT) provides the Best kidney stone treatments in Chennai. New technology and equipped labs are added advantages of this hospital.

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