Kidney Transplantation to overcome ESRD

For those who do not know what end stage renal disease (ESRD) is, it is actually the name for kidney failure. The kidneys in ESRD function so poorly that they can no longer keep one alive. It is very difficult to treat ESRD with conventional medical treatments. Don’t be panic! Fortunately we have some other options like dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Let us look what kidney transplantation is, actually the failed kidneys are replaced with working kidney from a live or deceased donor. If it is from a deceased person it is called cadaver renal transplant.

Preparation for kidney transplant

There is an evaluation process before the transplantation which includes mental health evaluation, blood tests and diagnostic tests. The transplant team will take into account all the facts from interview, medical history, physical examination and tests to evaluate the eligibility for transplantation.

Kidney Transplantation

The surgery takes two to four hours under general anaesthesia. The doctor will make a long incision into the lower abdomen on one side. The artery and vein of the new kidney are connected to the artery and vein in the pelvis and ureter is then attached to the bladder.

After Surgery

The success or failure of the kidney transplant depends upon the care given after the surgery. The patient can leave the hospital generally in 5 to 10 days. The doctor will provide the necessary instructions, medication and tests that need to be followed by the patient after leaving hospital. During each follow-up visit, the doctor will undertake a complete medical checkup and detailed assessment of the functioning of the kidney.

At home, the patient is advised to for complete rest and relaxation. The patient must maintain a highest standard of cleanliness and take measures to avoid germs. Fast food and unhealthy food items must be removed from patient’s diet. Hot and home-made kidney friendly foods have to be given. Keep hands clean and always clean the vessels before serving. Always keep the patient’s room fresh and clean.

Measures to be taken to keep kidneys healthy

  • Keep a healthy blood pressure

  • Follow low-fat, low-salt diet

  • Do not smoke or use tobacco

  • Exercise for about 30 minutes daily

  • Limit alcohol use

  • Control blood sugar

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