Kidney Transplantation

Kidney transplantation

Kidney is the main organ in our body which is in two-bean shaped used for extracting waste from the blood, forming urine and balancing the body fluid. If the kidney fails to function, individual face many symptoms like reduced amount of urine, pain or pressure in your chest, excessive  fatigue, persistent nausea, swelling of your legs, ankles, and feet from retention of fluids and unexplained shortness of breath. And it affects the heart. So better to treat the kidney disease. Kidney Transplantation is the best treatment option for kidney failure. It is also known as renal transplantation which transplant the kidney into the patient with renal disease. South indian institute of urology and transplant provides the Best Kidney Transplant in India.

High success rate, less recovery period, less time duration for the procedure are the Benefits of kidney transplant. People with bone infections, lung disease, recent history of cancer are not eligible for this procedure. These facts are analysed before the surgery for ensuring that you are the good candidate of kidney transplant. Kidney can be donated from living donors or deceased donors (which is died recently). Kidney is transported in saline (salt water). This preserves the organ for 48 hours.

kidney transplantation in chennai

Kidney Transplant Procedure include :

Patients are given general anesthesia before the surgery. At starting of the procedure surgeon makes a cut in the lower belly for placing a new kidney inside it. The artery and vein in pelvis are connected by the artery and vein of the new kidney. And the blood flows through the new kidney. Ureter, the tube that carries urine is attached to the bladder. Later, the kidneys are left in place unless they cause medical problem. After that the wound is closed.

South indian institute of urology and transplant offers the advanced Treatments for Kidney Failure. We are keeping the patient’s needs at the forefront of all our considerations. And we also provides the best Treatment for Kidney Stones with the aid of prominent group of surgeons who are specialized in urological disease.

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