Penile Cancer Treatment in Chennai

Penile Cancer is termed as a malignant growth that originates in the tissues or on the skin surface of the penis. There are many tissues present in the penis with each type of tissue comprising of multiple cells. Penile cancers are classified into many types which are originated through these cells. In order to treat penile cancer, it is necessary to detect the type of penile cancer and severity of the disease. In most cases, penile cancers originate in the skin cells of the penis. This type of cancer is most common in men living in Africa, Asia, and South America. Penile cancer is one of the rare cancers which is seen mainly in uncircumcised men who have a piece of skin covering the head of the penis and is termed as the foreskin. Removing this foreskin may reduce the complications caused by penile cancer.

Penile Cancer Treatment in Chennai

Symptoms of Penile Cancer

  • Formation of crusty bumps under the foreskin
  • Irritating lumps on the penis
  • Sores on the penis which last longer than a month
  • Change of color on the penis
  • Severe pain in the tip of the penis
  • Thickening of skin on the penis
  • Persistent discharge beneath the foreskin
  • Discharge of blood from the tip of the penis or under the foreskin

Causes of Penile Cancer

In general, men who have the smoking habit will be affected more by this cancer. Apart from this, genital or perianal growth increases the risk factor for invasive penile cancer. Poor hygiene also acts as one of the risk factors in increasing the chances of penile cancer. Inflammation of foreskin due to penile injury and a weak immune system may also cause penile cancer. HIV-positive men with eight-fold are more prone to this type of cancer than HIV-negative men. Men affected by psoriasis and those exposed to UV light and psoralen drug are at higher risk of contracting penile cancer.

Diagnosis and Treatment

In general, penile cancer can be detected by doing biopsy i.e., by dissection of the lingual (groin) lymph node. This is the right method to detect whether penile cancer has spread to any other lymph nodes present near the penis. Other than this test, MRI scan and CT scan can be done to detect penile cancer.

There are different types of penile cancer treatments. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery are the main treatments used to treat penile cancer. Siiut  is known to be best hospital for penile cancer  treatment in Chennai with the help of expert doctors and other staffs.


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