Prostate Cancer Risk Factors And Treatments

Prostate cancer, the most commonly found type of cancer in men occurs when the tissues lining the prostate gland turn cancerous. Prostate cancer treatment is highly successful if administered in the early stages of cancer growth. Prostate Cancer Risk Factors Age Race/ethnicity Georgraphy Family History Gene Changes What are the symptoms Prostate Cancer? The symptoms […]

Kidney Stones Hurt No More

Kidney stones are the hard, crystalline mineral material which is formed within the kidney or urinary tract. The medical term of kidney stones is Nephrolithiasis. Kidney stones are a common problem which affects one of every 20 people at some point of time in the life. Kidney stones are formed when urine has excess of […]

Urethral Cancer Treatment

Urethral cancer, a rare form of cancer where malignant cells develops in the tissues lining urethra. Urethra is the tube that carries urine outside the body from the urinary bladder. Urethral cancer treatment is done on the basis of the intensity of the cancerous spread and cells affected. Urethra is found just above the vagina. […]

Remedies for Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones are otherwise called nephrolithiasis, renal lithiasis is the small, sturdy mineral deposits which are formed inside the kidneys. The stones are made of acid salts and minerals. All kidney stones are not made of the same crystals and it varies. The various types of stones are cystine stones, calcium stones, struvite stones and uric […]

Kidney Cancer Treatment in Chennai

Cancers are of many types which are classified based on the body parts on which they occur. Kidney cancer is one which occurs in the kidney cells. Cases of Kidney Cancer are increasing day by day because of multiple reasons. One of the main reasons among them is people being subjected to Computerized Tomography (CT) […]

Penile Cancer Treatment in Chennai

Penile Cancer is termed as a malignant growth that originates in the tissues or on the skin surface of the penis. There are many tissues present in the penis with each type of tissue comprising of multiple cells. Penile cancers are classified into many types which are originated through these cells. In order to treat […]

Azoospermia – Cause of Male Infertility

The absence of sperms in the semen of a man is termed as ‘Obstructive Azoospermia’. Men affected with this disease will face problems in sperm delivery. 40% of azoospermia cases today belong to obstructive azoospermia. In general, obstructive azoospermia causes due to the previous vasectomy. Obstructive azoospermia is a common cause of infertility in men […]