Catheter change

Verify in person’s chart the medical order for the changing of Suprapubic Catheter. First ensure patient have no identified allergies to any of the gel or prep being used

  • Position person supine and ensure comfort and privacy. Keep a protective bed pad on the patient’s abdomen underneath the SPC site

  • Use aseptic technique to open sterile equipment. Open sanitary gloves on a fresh bed table or other firm surface.

  • Fill one kidney dish with normal saline 0.9%, rinse hands for 30 seconds and dry, sterile gloves using open glove method.

  • Draw up to 50ml of the normal saline with the catheter tipped syringe. Draw up 10ml of water and test catheter balloon. keep water soluble lubricant gel at the tip of catheter.

  • Place fenestrated wrap over patient’s lower abdomen parting the SPC site and the catheter/bag connect exposed. Sanitize SPC site with the help of aqueous chlorhexidine 0.1%.

  • Pick up a sterile gauze square by each hand and use to disconnect the urinary drainage bag from suprapubic catheter to maintain sterility of dominant hand.

  • Disconnect the urinary drainage bag from suprapubic catheter. Gently insert 50ml of normal saline into bladder and leave syringe attached at the end of catheter.

  • Deflate catheter balloon with syringe. Bring kidney dish with catheter over to the patient and place on sterile fenestrated drape.

  • Have new catheter ready to hold it above the site in the dominant hand. Safely remove the suprapubic catheter while gently rolling catheter between thumb and forefinger of non dominant hand.

  • Instantly insert a new suprapubic catheter by using dominant hand. When urine returns, introduce the catheter roughly 4cm further to make sure the catheter is in the bladder and but not in the suprapubic tract.

  • Do not push further than 4cm as catheter tip can migrate through the sphincter into the urethra Ensure the urine continues to drain freely. Inflate the balloon with sterile water.

  • Connect urinary drainage bag and secure the catheter. Return patient to a comfortable position. Dispose of used equipment in appropriate manner

  • Record date of change, catheter size, catheter type and plan for next change in notes