Chordee repair is a surgical treatment to straighten the penis. It was done to restore a birth imperfection of the penis called chordee . This defect will cause the penis to be curved, which is most evident during the erection.

A chordee may be caused by an basic condition, such as a disorder of an intersex condition or sex development or form as a complication of circumcision. A chordee repair was done by a particular doctor which are having experience in it and are called as pediatric urologist. This surgical treatment was usually done after six months of age.

Chordee can be corrected surgically but based on the severity; the correction may complete in one or more surgeries. Depending on the size of the penis and degree of the defect the perfect and correct age of the curative surgery will be determined. Mostly in the early age the chordee repair is suggested. curative surgery usually results in a penis that looks normally and can also functions normally. Operation can straighten the shaft and remove the hooded foreskin.

Prior to the procedure the following may be done:
  • Physical exam, which will include cause an artificial erection to verify the degree of curvature

  • Urine and Blood tests

  • To know about the usage and risks of anesthesia.


Numerous procedures can be used to straighten the penis. In common, the operation main result is to make the long and short sides of the penis in same length. Procedure may includes:

  • Removal of tissues that is constricting the erection

  • Making longer and shorter sides of the penis equal in length

  • Increase the length of the urethra if urethra is short— in this tissue from the foreskin or a different site are also be used

An artificial erection is to be done by using a special injection. This will confirm that the penis is straight. Bandages will be placed around the penis.