Colposuspension is a surgery where it involves the placement of permanent stitches at the level of the bladder neck, which will provide to lift up the bladder neck and rectify the problem of stress incontinence.


  • The operation was performed under a general anaesthetic or a spinal anaesthetic. A incision was made at the bikini-line on your abdomen it was about 10cm (4inches) long.

  • Then abdomen was opened to reach the bladder which will lies just behind it. Stitches are kept into the vaginal wall on the either side of the bladder neck and occasionally in the bladder base. The stitches are fixed with some strong fibrous tissue just behind the pubic bone.

  • A fine plastic tube called as drain, is left to draw-off if any spilled blood. The abdomen is repaired and a catheter tube will be put through the abdominal wall into the bladder to rest the bladder for 48 hours.

  • Generally hospital stay is up to 5 days after the surgery. Once return from the operating theatre patient will have a fine tube (drip) in one arm because veins with fluid running through to stop by getting dehydrated.

  • Patient will have a bandage in the vagina called a ‘pack’ and a sanitary pad will also place. This is because to apply pressure to the wound and to stop it oozing out. And have a tube (catheter) draining the bladder overnight.

  • The day after the operation patients will be motivated to get out of bed and take short walks. This will improves general wellbeing and reduces risk of clots on the legs. It is important to make a reading that the amount of urine is measured the first 2 times you pass urine after the removal of the catheter.

  • An ultrasound scan for bladder will be taken to ensure that patient’s are emptying their bladder properly.

  • There will be slight vaginal bleeding after the operation. This may last for a few weeks. Patients are usually stay for 4 days in the hospital.