Cystocele repair is the repairing of the hernia of the wall in between the vagina and bladder. This treatment is done for chronic discomfort from bulging vagina and also difficulty in empting the bladder.


  • The surgery will be performed at the hospital. Patient will be given a local or general anesthetic to keep away from feeling pain. Regional anesthesia numbs part of body while patient stay awake.

  • If patient have regional anesthesia, may also be given medicine to help patient relax. General anesthesia relaxes muscles and patient will be asleep.

  • Doctor will make incisions in the walls of the vagina and will build a support for the bladder and rectum by stitching the folds of tissue surrounding them. Stretched or extra tissue may be removed.

  • If urine leakage has been a problem, doctor may use a graft (it is a piece of synthetic mesh or made up a natural material) to hold and lift the urethra and bladder. This is termed as elevation or suspension procedure. The incision in the vagina will then be sewed and closed.

  • Doctor may put a catheter (tube) into patient’s bladder to drain urine. The catheter may passes through the urethra (the tube that carries urine out of the body), or doctor may insert it into the bladder through a incision in the wall of patient’s lower belly.

  • This will help patient to pass urine while patient are recovering. It will also decrease the pressure inside patient’s bladder.