An ostomy was a surgically formed opening in between an internal organ & the surface of the abdominal wall.  A circular cut or incision was made in the abdominal wall & a piece of the intestine was brought by the incision to lie moderately outside the body wall. A part of the bowel that was seen on abdominal surface was called as stoma.  Ostomies can be used to cure and treat some complicated abdominal problems or to allow for the healing at the site of the surgery.  Cancer, bowel obstruction, infection trauma, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), fecal & diverticulitis (inflammation to the tiny pockets that are commonly forms in the colon wall) were all the possible examples of the situations where the surgery may involve the ostomy.

An ostomy was further recognized by the part of the intestine involved in it.  For example, the “ileostomy” was a surgically formed opening relating the ileum, a piece of small intestine, to the skin of abdominal wall.  A “colostomy” was surgically formed at the opening by connecting a part of colon, or large intestine, to the skin of abdominal wall.