A urethral stricture was a scarring in or surrounding the urethra that will narrows or blocks the passageway by which urine will flows from the bladder. These strictures can result from injury, inflammation or infection, and was much more frequent in men compared with the women. The scarring may occur somewhere in between the bladder and the penis tip. In connection with this there will be uncomfortable urinary symptoms like reduced urine flow rate and frequent urination, a urethral stricture may lead to risks that may include urinary tract infections, kidney damage, prostatitis and urinary retention. Some people may feel pain with the urethral stricture.

In males, the first 1″ to 2″ of the urethra that passes urine passes by is called the posterior urethra. The posterior urethra includes:

  • The bladder neck (this is the opening of the bladder)

  • The prostatic urethra (part of urethra by the prostate),

  • The membranous urethra, and the muscle called as external urinary sphincter.

Strictures which happening in first one to two inches of the urethra in that urine passes through are called POSTERIOR STRICTURES.


This type of stricture was because of an injury related to a pelvic fracture (e.g., industrial accident or motor vehicle), conditions that cause swelling, trauma to the urethra, damage from surgical tools, infection such as a sexually transmitted disease.


Symptoms of posterior urethral strictures may include mostly like: slow urine stream, painful urination, reduced urine output, inability to void, spraying of the stream and incomplete emptying of the bladder. Urinary tract infections may also a common symptom, and blood will rarely appear in the urine.


Diagnostic tests may include like: urinalysis, uroflowmetry studies in this measuring the flow from the bladder, physical exam, urine cultures and post-void residual studies, in which an ultrasound measures the amount which is left after a normal voiding, retrograde urethrogram urethral imaging (X-rays or ultrasound), urethroscopy (to see the inside of the urethra).