• The patient was placed in a simple supine position.

  • A suture was placed in the glans because to stretch the penis. The urethra was fully longitudinally opened along with its ventral surface, leaving a broad open meatus proximally to void through.

  • The penile skin margins were sutured to the margins of urethral plate & a new urinary meatus was placed in the healthy urethral mucosa 2 cm proximally to stricture. A Foley 12 F silicone catheter was left in that place for 3 days. A soft dressing was applied.


  • An ice-bag was placed on the genital area for 24 h to decrease the pain & hematoma formation.

  • 3 days after the surgery dressing & catheter were removed & the patients were discharged from the hospital. For every 4 months the patient was requested for the follow-up visit to perform uroflowmetry & a calibration of the new external urinary meatus by a progressive insertion of 10, 12, 14, 16 F Nelaton catheters.

  • The clinical outcome was considered a failure when any postoperative instrumentation was required, including dilation.

  • Uroflowmetry & urine cultures were repeated for every 4 months in the first year & annually after that.

  • When the symptoms of decreased force of the stream were present & uroflowmetry was less than 14 ml per second, the urethroscophy, urethrography and urethral ultrasound were repeated. 6 months after the first stage the patient was evaluated for the closure of urethra by the second-stage of urethroplasty.