Testicular torsion will occurs when the testicle rotates, twisting the spermatic cord that will brings blood to the scrotum. This reduced blood flow may cause sudden & frequent severe pain & swelling. Testicular torsion was the most common in between ages 12 and 16, but it may occurs at any age group, even before the birth. Testicular torsion generally needs emergency operation. If it was treated quickly, the testicle may generally be saved. But when blood flow was been stopped off for too long, a testicle will be so badly injured and that it has to be removed.


Pain and swelling of the scrotal sac are the major symptoms of the testicular torsion. The onset of pain will be relatively sudden, & the pain may be severe. Swelling can be restricted to just one side, or it may occur in the entire scrotum. Patients will notice that one testicle will be higher than the other. Some men may also experience: lumps in the scrotal sac, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, blood in the semen. There are many other probable causes of severe testicular pain, like epididymitis, but patients should still needs to take these symptoms critically require an emergency treatment.


There was no exact cause of testicular torsion. Most of the males who are having testicular torsion may have an inherited trait which allows the testicle to rotate them freely in the scrotum. This inherited condition may usually affects both the testicles. But not every male with this trait will have testicular torsion. Testicular torsion usually occurs after so many hours after a forceful activity, a minor injury to the testicles or sleep.  Cold temperature or rapid growth of the testicle at the time of puberty may also play a major role.


Tests that are been used to diagnose torsion include:

  • Physical exam

  • Urine tests, which detects the infection

  • Imaging of the scrotum

During the physical examination, doctor will check your scrotum if any swelling is there or not. Doctor may also pinch inside of your thigh. usually this causes testicles to contract. Yet, this reflex will disappears if you have torsion. You may also perform an ultrasound of your scrotum. This will shows blood flow to the testicles. If it was lower than the normal, you will be suffering from torsion.

Surgery is essential to correct testicular torsion. In certain cases, the doctor will be able to untwist the testicle by pushing the scrotum. But still need operation to prevent torsion from occurring again.