Urogenital tuberculosis is a type of tuberculosis that will affects the urogenital system. It was generally affects young adults with tuberculosis in some other parts of the body as well. The infection will affects the kidneys, bladder and ureter thereby it may cause major damage to each. Urogenital tuberculosis can cause strictures of the ureter, which will heal when infection is treated.

SYMPTOMS: Urinary frequency, Persistent cystitis, ulcer, unresponsive to antibiotics, dysuria, loin discomfort, malaise and other general symptoms of tuberculosis. Even though the infection arises insidiously, going long time without any symptoms.

CAUSES: the most common pathogen related with tuberculosis (TB) is Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a strictly nonmotile aerobic bacterium. The bacterium will grows slowly, divides only once in every 24 hours, and is proficient of surviving inside immune cells after phagocytosis, earlier infection with TB is the most significant risk factor, Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection may increases the risk for active TB, Prolonged steroid use and immunosuppressive therapy may also increases the risk.

DIAGNOSIS: Urine culture for tuberculosis, Tuberculin skin test, urine sediment and urine culture, tuberculosis diagnosis with PCR, intravenous urography, sputum diagnosis, sonograpy these are some of the testes done to diagnose the urogenital tuberculosis.